01 Career history:

I started out in IT support, working initially for my university and then for the NHS. I then moved into a chemist role, joining Phillips 66 in 2004, working in lab-based roles before taking up my current role.

02 Dream job (if you weren’t doing this):

I’ve always wanted to fly in the RAF (I probably watched a bit too much Top Gun as a kid!).

03 What do you drive:

Honda Civic Diesel.

04 What would you like to drive:

A DB9 or one of the old Ferrari Testarossas.

05 Perfect day:

Visiting Disney World in Florida with my family in early December. It’s warm and Christmassy without the crowds.

06 Favourite team:


07 Favourite read:

Autobiographies and anything by Terry Pratchett.

08 Favourite film:

Ghostbusters the original, of course!

09 Possession you couldn’t do without:

My iPhone.

10 Most admire:

My wife. Her ability to juggle everything in our lives and make it look like a breeze is unbelievable!

11 Most likely to say:

I hate early mornings.

12 Least likely to say:

Cake? No thanks.

13 Greatest achievement:

My two children.

14 Greatest fear:

Being stung by a scorpion.

15 Tips for business success:

Put quality first in everything you do. In our industry that might be anything from quality of fuel product to quality of customer service. Each part needs to be just as good as the other and, as the saying goes, a whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.

16 Best business advice you’ve received:

Walt Disney once said "It’s kind of fun to do the impossible".

17 Best thing about your job:

The perfect mix of familiarity and constant change.

18 Most recent business achievement/s of note:

Currently participating in a top secret project which will set Jet apart in the marketplace.

19 Three words to describe yourself:

Resourceful, unique and methodical.

20 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: What lies ahead is unknown, but I think customers are starting to base choices not just on price, but on levels of customer service, the feel of a modern and well-kept forecourt, fuel brand quality and the facilities on offer.