Name:Joe Hockenhull

Job title: Managing director

Company:Hockenhull Garages/HGS Leicester Ltd

01 Career history: After finishing school at 16 I began working for Hockenhull Garages as a sales assistant. After a year or so earning pennies and getting experience working with customers, I left and began a stint of various jobs in different retail outlets as well as trying my hand at plumbing. At the age of 21,I was drawn back to the family business and haven’t looked back.

02 Dream job: I’d love to be in David Attenborough’s shoes, so I guess a naturalist.

03 What do you drive: Audi A4.

04 What would you like to drive: Range Rover Vogue.

05 Possessions you couldn’t do without: Sad to say but my mobile, as it keeps me connected with the business 24/7.

06 Perfect day: March 19 2015 the day my son Leo was born.

07 Favourite team: I’m a huge boxing fan so my favourite boxer to watch at the minute would have to be big AJ (Anthony Joshua).

08 Favourite read: Midnight Express and Marching Powder.

09 Favourite film: Tough call but I’ve watched Gladiator a fair few times and it’s never got boring.

10 Best holiday: I spent six weeks in the states (Florida) when I was 22

11 Most admire: Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). He’s a believer in starting each day by exercising/going to the gym first thing to get you in the right frame of mind for tackling what lies ahead that day; I’ve incorporated this in to my own lifestyle and seen the positives from it.

12 Most likely to say: Defo 100%.

13 Least likely to say: Can’t do that.

14 Greatest achievement: Growing up as a wimpy kid and then discovering boxing when I was 16, which culminated in 32 amateur bouts (boxing internationally) and then retiring as an undefeated 6-0 professional.

15 Greatest fear: The deep ocean.

16 Tips for business success: Stay HUNGRY!!

17 Best business advice you’ve received: My Dad said to take ’action’ immediately and not procrastinate.

18 Best thing about your job: I’m lucky having such a great team and working with my family and best friend.

19 Pet hate: Negative people who have a problem for every solution.

20 Three words to describe yourself: Determined, passionate and loyal.