Louise Hammond may be known for being careful with money but she has rich tastes as she’d love to have dinner with the Queen

01 Career history: Maybe inevitability suggested I would always end up working within the family business. I’ve been here now for 21 years with varying roles, with the longest spell being in charge of the forecourt. I’m moved according to the needs to tighten budgets and strengthen business as I am termed as ’careful’ with money.

02 Dream job ( if you weren’t doing this): My natural abilities involve people, money, animals and food, so something around these.

03 What do you drive?

Working with motor dealerships, I can have the pick of the marques currently a lovely sporty white Ford Edge. I love the commanding driving position.

04 Who would you like to have dinner with? I would like evening dinner with the Queen. I think she is marvellous and I would definitely be wined and dined well!

05 Perfect day: I’m easily pleased, the simple things work for me. Good food, company, maybe some fizz all ideally with a few rays and the sound of the sea.

06 Favourite team: True to my roots, my team would be Ipswich Town.

07 Favourite read: Any autobiography, as I enjoy reading about people’s lives.

08 Favourite film: ET never fails to make me smile.

09 Best holiday: The Maldives, a beautiful place. I would like to go on an African safari though. The biggest surprise destination, The Oman.

10 Possessions you couldn’t do without: My dog, mummy’s princess.

11 Most admire: Anybody who can find inner strength when the going gets tough.

12 Most likely to say: "Of course I can help."

13 Least likely to say: "I would love to do something practical."

14 What would you say are your failings? My competitiveness; I am a poor loser.

15 What do you think are your best attributes at work? I only have to be asked once to do something.

16 What’s your best stress-buster: Music and volunteer dog walking.

17 Greatest achievement: A parachute jump, as I don’t like planes or heights!

18 Greatest phobia: Spiders, I am petrified of them.

19 Tips for business success: Never settle for standing still, progression is key.

20 Best business advice you’ve received: Go the extra mile with integrity.