Rapley’s Mark Frostick shares his love of Lamborghinis and his fear of vampire zombie solicitor bees - whatever they might be!

01 Career history: After graduating from Nottingham Trent university I worked for surveying firms. I joined the Automotive and Roadside department at Rapleys about 15 years ago and have been advising on forecourts ever since.

02 Dream job: A comic book writer. I’ve been collecting comics since I was 10!

03 What do you drive? Vauxhall Insignia. It’s so fuel efficient that I end up visiting petrol stations more for work than to actually fill up.

04 What would you like to drive: A Lamborghini Countach 5.2-litre LP5000 Quattrovalvole in black and red, if possible.

05 Perfect Day: Probably a Wednesday.

06 Favourite team: Colchester United; my home town team and after a few years in the doldrums, we have a chance of the play-offs this year.

07 Favourite read: Mort by Terry Pratchett.

08 Favourite film: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

09 Best holiday: I went with the wife to New York for my 40th birthday a couple of years ago and it was like spending a week on a movie set.

10 Possession you couldn’t do without: If I said anything but my phone anyone who knows me really well would call me a liar.

11 Favourite podcast: Lie Hard with a Vengeance.

12 Most admired person: Leonardo da Vinci, master of numerous arts and sciences, and ahead of his time.

13 Greatest fear: Vampire zombie solicitor bees a very weird dream/nightmare.

14 Tips for business success: Be honourable and true in all your dealings.

15 Best business advice received: The first thing I was told as a trainee was always make sure you have mints with you. It’s always been useful to me.

16 Best thing about your job: It’s the variety that keeps me interested.

17 Most recent business achievement of note: Working out that we had dealt with the equivalent of over 20% of UK petrol stations in my time at Rapleys was quite impressive.

18 Pet hate: Rude people, or bananas.

19 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: The latest acquisitions and mergers are going to change the industry again but fundamentally it remains all about doing the right thing at the right time.

20 Three words to describe yourself: Tall, dark and can’t think of the third one.