01 Career history:I started, in 1991, as a commercial sales rep with Mercia Fuels in the West Midlands. They were a distributor for Kuwait Petroleum. In 1995 I went on to become a depot manager and in 1999 I was given the opportunity to join the Kuwait Petroleum retail team as an area manager and haven’t looked back since!

02 Dream job if you weren’t doing this:A smallholding, as I love the outdoors and being around animals.

03 What do you drive:Jaguar XF.

04 Where did you grow up:Rugby, Warwickshire.

05 Perfect day:Skiing under blue sky and sunshine.

06 Holiday wish-list:Good company, good food, good weather.

07 Favourite read:A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khalid Hosseini .

08 Favourite watch:Peaky Blinders for all the right reasons!

09 Three words to describe yourself: Caring, impatient, energetic.

10 Possessions you couldn’t do without: My car. As a mum of teenage kids, I’m the local taxi service.

11 Most admire:My old nan; she said what she thought and did as she pleased and loved to share her colourful life experiences.

12 Best news this year:The positive feedback from dealers on the new Gulf brand and Oomph loyalty scheme.

13 Biggest fear: My daughter is learning to drive, and insists that I take her out driving. My hands hurt from clinging to the seat!

14 Most important qualities in the workplace:Being accountable and doing what you say you are going to do.

15 Best holiday:Girls trip to Bali earlier this year to celebrate the big 50.

16 What motivates you:The satisfaction of achieving something every day, no matter how big or small.

17 Best thing about the job:Every day is different.

18 Best bit of business advice you’ve ever received: Listen more, talk less.

19 In the workplace, what do you consider a great achievement? Securing new business and retaining existing customers.

20 Anything new in forecourt retailing?There’s always something new. For myself this year is very much about the new Gulf brand and our new Oomph loyalty scheme.