Name: Shane Bowering

Job title: Pace/RNC development manager

Company: Certas Energy

01 Career history: I worked in London as a chef before taking up various roles in restaurants around the world. I then ran a very successful pub in London before returning to Devon to work as a head chef. Twelve years ago I decided on a career change, for a more settled home life, and joined Pace as a depot transport manager. I later joined the retail team as an area manager and am back working  with the Pace brand in a new role to develop and grow the brand.

02 Where did you grow up: Budleigh Salterton.

03 Dream job if you weren’t doing this: Pilot.

04 What do you drive: My work car is a Mercedes C220; my own car is a Land Rover.

05 Perfect day: Out in my Land Rover on a trial day, then walk along the beach with my son and my dog, finished off with a nice dinner out.

06 Holiday wish-list: Hike the Great Wall of China and take a train through the Canadian Rockies.

07 Favourite read: Any-thing by Terry Pratchett.

08 Three words to describe yourself: Honest, driven, and trustworthy.

09 Things you’ve learned in life? There’s nothing more important than your health and happiness.

10 What’s your pet peeve: I hate being late.

11 Biggest fear: Letting people down.

12 Most admire: My son, he’s been through a lot in his young life and still has a smile on his face every day.

13 Material possessions you couldn’t do without? My cooking pots, pans and knives.

14 Most important qualities in the workplace: Honesty, teamwork and clear communication.

15 Best holiday: Lapland to see Santa in 2018.

16 What motivates you: Working with people and building relationships.

17 Best thing about the job: Working with dealers to grow their revenues.

18 Best bit of business advice you’ve ever received: If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing right and better than anyone expects of you.

19 Most recent business achievements of note: Being promoted to this role and the opportunity to shape the future of the Pace brand.

20 Anything new in forecourt retailing: The drive by Pace to improve the fortunes of those retailers with lower-volume forecourts who currently feel neglected by their suppliers.