01 Career history: I qualified as a precision engineer following a five-year apprenticeship. I joined the family business in 1980 and then purchased my own site in 1984, before joining forces with my brother in 1988 to facilitate expansion. We increased the group to eight sites. We built two blocks of apartments as well as renovating numerous properties while still operating our retail business. Currently, we have three sites, one of which, Woolmer Service Station, has just been completely redeveloped.

02 Dream job (if you weren’t doing this): A gunsmith.

03 What do you drive: Nissan pick-up.

04 What would you like to drive: Lanzante Porsche 911 TAG.

05 Favourite team: Harlequins (rugby).

06 Favourite read: I am currently reading The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness.

07 Favourite film: American comedy, National Lampoons Animal House.

08 Best holiday: Diving in the Maldives.

09 Possessions you couldn’t do without: Definitely my laptop and my phone.

10 Most admire: My late father (Maurice Garner).

11 Most likely to say: "Let’s give it a go."

12 Least likely to say: "I can’t do that."

13 Tips for business success: Don’t ever give up and never regret the decisions you make.

14 Best business advice you’ve received: How you treat others is how you invite them to treat you.

15 Best thing about your job: Working with my family.

16 Most recent business achievement/s of note: Winning Forecourt Trader of the Year in 2014.

17 Pet hate: Poor customer service.

18 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: The industry seems to have stabilised following the raft of acquisitions and the recent takeover by MFG of MRH. However, it never stands still and with the impending push by the government to use alternative fuels we will have fresh challenges ahead.

19 Three words to describe yourself: Can-do attitude.

20 Anything else we should know: The day I don’t enjoy going to work is the day that I retire. So, I am definitely in it for the long haul.