The owners of RaceTrack Autoport Services say they have taken a ’dying’ and ’unloved’ site, and totally transformed it both internally and externally. Their aim was to deliver a modern, high-end consumer experience with an aesthetic to match. The spacious shop boasts 50-plus LED screens, numerous projectors and LED strip lighting throughout, all of which runs in eco and low-energy modes.

As well as providing customers with a full range of grocery, household items and fuel-related accessories, RaceTrack Autoport also offers them an extensive range of vaping e-liquids, kits and accessories. But that’s not all also in the shop is a very impressive, brightly coloured slushee section comprising 60 different flavours, making it the biggest range in any one place in Scotland, possibly even the UK.

Then there’s the Tubbees Desserts bar which offers sweet-toothed consumers waffles, crepes, fudge puppies, freakshakes, sundaes and more, all made fresh and in-house.