Sign installer Xmo Strata is celebrating a landmark in the publication of its weekly Health, Safety and Environmental Bulletins on its website, having reached its 360th issue.

The company’s health and safety strategy which involves freely sharing data and analysis, particularly about safety-related matters was derided and ridiculed by some detractors when it was launched a decade ago, said director Kate Parmentier.

She added: "Some unsophisticated competitors leapt on the information revealed in the bulletins and naively portrayed it as evidence of an unsafe company."

Customers, however, took a different view, recognising that Xmo Strata was being transparent and honest, where others attempted to hide safety related incidents and claim that they had a 100% safety record.

Managing director Steve Martin adds that the practice of sharing information freely allows others even competitors to learn from mistakes (even those made by his own employees) and helps to reduce accidents overall in the sign industry.

"The strategy reflects the values of integrity and openness which customers respect, and which many practice themselves," said Martin.

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