A system that allows users to update POS at multiple sites simultaneously has been launched by Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS).

DX Retail is part of the DFS DX connected solutions platform and enables owners of multiple forecourt sites to manage and update their Tokheim Fuel POS point-of-sale (POS) systems remotely.

DX Retail enables retailers to keep all of their stores’ Tokheim Fuel POS and DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk systems continually up to date, while maintaining the highest security standards.

Using Microsoft Azure and intelligent edge technology, DX Retail can drive multiple POS updates simultaneously from any web-enabled device, ensuring stores are always consistent and updated with the latest retail items and pricing across an entire network.

This saves time for retailers and enables more frequent Fuel POS updates. Once subscribed to DX Retail, fuel retailers are able to create specific groups for different sets of fueling sites, enabling them to make targeted updates at the touch of a button. The system is supported by an advanced back-up and restore function, which decreases the risk of data loss and reduces downtime.

DX Retail users also have access to a wide range of reports, such as shift, day, month, year or accounting day, which eliminates the effort and workload associated with manually collecting individual reports across each site in the network. Additionally, fuel retailers are able to improve their services to customers thanks to DX Retail’s simple receipt retrieval functionality, which allows duplicate receipts to be printed.

“The ability to remotely drive updates to a single site or to hundreds of sites simultaneously offers significant time savings and ensures fuelling sites are always synchronised with the latest information,” said Jenthe Govaerts, DX Retail product manager at DFS.

“DX Retail provides the ability to centralise data from multiple Tokheim Fuel POS systems in a single cloud-based location for multi-site management, data back-up and reporting. We have already seen significant interest from the European market. First sites have already been deployed with the solution, and multiple customers have committed for widespread adoption this year.”