EdgePetrol screenshot

The multinational forecourt equipment specialist Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) has entered into a commercial partnership agreement with, and acquired a minority interest in, the software company EdgePetrol.

London-based EdgePetrol and founded in 2015, and offers a fuel pricing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to help retail fuel operators optimise their performance. The solution operates in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) environment and is a complementary platform for DFS, which offers the enabling devices to manage the flow of underlying data.

“We chose DFS as a strategic partner not only because of the alignment in products and SaaS service models, but because of its ability to reach a global market with established and growing customer relationships,” said Gideon Carroll, CEO of EdgePetrol.

“The investment enables us to expand our product suite with customer-driven solutions, while the commercial agreement will allow fuel station owners around the world the opportunity to use EdgePetrol’s software through DFS’s global network.”

“This innovative fuel management software complements the DFS DX cloud-based solutions and will help our customers improve their business operations and results,” said David Crouse, president of DFS. “This software can also be deployed in other applications, providing DFS with growth opportunities outside of retail fueling, including in renewable energy for transportation and various other retail verticals.

“The minority investment we’re making in EdgePetrol aligns directly with our goals of both growing our business through strategic partnerships such as these and broadening our solutions and products portfolio and roadmaps. Our commercial agreement enables DFS to market this product globally.”