FT GripHero surface-mounted dispenser on EV charging station

GripHero, the maker of hand-protection for customers using petrol pumps, is expanding its service to drivers using recharging point handles.

The move follows research undertaken by Busbud into the germs and contaminants on EV recharging handles, which showed they carry 7,890 colony forming units per square inch, and are particularly prone to yeast, which can cause skin infections.

For this reason GripHero has created a surface-mounted hand-protection dispenser, which releases individual items of protection at the point of charging.

Oli Yeo, inventor and managing director of GripHero, said: “Forecourts are attuned to the idea of protecting motorist from coming into contact with fuel pump handles, as that can result in foul smelling, fuel impregnated hands.

“With EV recharging points, there’s no fuel residue transfer, but that’s far from the full story. Once you realise that hands regularly transfer illness, germs, and contaminants, it becomes clear that it is the general health and wellbeing of all customers that is at stake.

“Covid-19 has highlighted the issue, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. By providing customers with easily accessible hand-protection, the issue of sickness or contaminant transfer is dealt with. That’s because hand-protection creates an immediate barrier between skin and external surface that prevents illness and germs as well as undesirable or dangerous substances from being transferred between drivers who touch the same surface for significant periods of time. Installing hand-protection dispensers is a simple and easy step to protecting motorists in the new post-Covid world where the emphasis has to be building back better.”