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    Simple solutions


    When your customers want a hot snack, they want it fast, and what could be quicker than a hot dog from Rollover’s new Grab Go unit? The brightly coloured unit with its ’freshly prepared today’ message takes consumers through three simple steps: help yourself; pay at the till; ...

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    Hot to trot


    Research company Him’s Convenience Tracking Programme 2013 has revealed that "more hot food-to-go" would encourage people to use forecourt stores more for breakfast and lunches. But over the years, many convenience retailers have got their fingers burnt with hot food perhaps because they’ve been too ambitious. However, today there ...

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    Filling stations


    You have to be careful when you’re selling sandwiches. The reason? Everyone can make a sandwich so we all know what’s good and what’s not. Quality, freshness, choice and availability are the watchwords according to Andy Valentine, head of brand marketing for Ginsters. And he should know, as Ginsters remains ...

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    Focus on Food to Go: Hot, hot, hot


    Offering hot food-to-go in your forecourt store might sound like too much hassle, but it seems it’s a big turn-on for customers. According to Him’s recent food-to-go study, forecourt customers see hot food as more important than chilled or ambient, plus they are more likely to buy hot ...

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    Easy pickings


    The forecourt channel is a very important one for Ginsters and this is illustrated by the brand’s prominence in forecourt stores. "When Ginsters launched in 1977, the brand was built in the impulse channel. It was and still is an ’on the move’ brand," says ...

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    Food for thought


    The Fraser Group had always found it hard to make a success of the food-to-go sector. Owners Robert and Hugh Fraser knew how important the category could be to a forecourt but somehow could not seem to make it work well enough for them until recently. The retailers, who ...

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    The lowdown


    Food-to-go is often regarded as the ’holy grail’ of food categories - a real footfall driver that brings in lots of sales and profits. However for this to happen you have to do your homework and get it right. Get it wrong and it could be a costly mistake. To ...

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    Lunch crunch


    With more people watching what they spend, will the luxury of a shop-bought lunch be forsaken for a home-made butty? Homeware and hardware chain Robert Dyas has reported a 68% year-on-year rise in sales of lunch-boxes but the sandwich and food-to-go suppliers to the forecourt trade remain pretty upbeat about ...

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    Competition time


    When it comes to food to go, who do you class as your competition? The Tesco down the road or the Greggs in town? The answer of course is that both of them are your competitors but it doesn’t end there. Competition in fact ranges from the packed lunch made ...

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    Early starters


    Nutritionists are always saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The reason? Well according to studies, people who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight, they have a higher intake of key vitamins and minerals, and are less likely to suffer from colds than those ...

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    consumer lifestyle changes mean sales in the food-to-go sector are rising - but customers are getting very picky about what they eat. A growing number want healthier lines - things like wraps, low-fat sandwiches or even sushi - and these products are slowly finding their way onto forecourts. According to ...

  • Travelling bite

    Travelling bite


    Busy Britons are said to be Europe’s biggest spenders on meals on the go - racking up an average bill of £120 per person a year, according to research company Datamonitor. And if you include the extra snacks that many of us manage to fit in around set meal ...

  • Roll with the changes

    Roll with the changes


    Gordon Gekko may have thought lunch was for wimps and dear old Del Boy might have agreed, but forecourt retailers don’t want to wimp out on their lunchtime offer because there’s just too much to lose. According to Mintel, UK consumers spent £27.5bn on eating out in 2005, and within ...

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    Meals on wheels


    As more time-starved drivers take to the road in the UK, so the need for meals on the move continues to grow, with forecourts being the prime destination for travelling motorists. Datamonitor, in its report into meals consumed out of the home, published in May this year, estimates that by ...

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    Legends in their own lunchtime


    Lunchtime is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of the leisurely lunch, or even the standard hour come to that. Research shows that 86% of people take less than half an hour for lunch and that even the timing has become ‘elastic’, with people taking lunch ...

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    Rise and shine


    Breakfast is big business for retailers these days, with research showing that an increasing number of people are grabbing their first meal of the day out of the home. According to Mintel’s ‘Snacking on the Go’ report (April 2004), ‘breakfast is the most missed meal for many consumers, who do ...

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    Speedy solutions


    The time-pushed consumer has never had it so good – manufacturers have been busy spending millions on research and technology to come up with meal solutions that are not only quick and easy to prepare but have a quality taste and feel to them too. The market – catering to ...

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    Fast forward


    As independent retailers continue to seek alternative ways to make money out of running a petrol station, fast food has become an obvious vehicle to do just that. Forecourts are well placed to cash in on the needs of hungry consumers, and the cash rich-time poor trend has been a ...

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    Lunch bunch


    You’re on your way to work, you’ve a busy day ahead and won’t get time to stop for lunch. You stop at the garage en route for the office, fill up with petrol and at the same time grab something for lunch. Sound familiar? It might not be for you ...

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    Morning stars


    Most people know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – setting you up for the hours ahead. But many people don’t get time for breakfast – either having to head off early for their busy commute or just having to work longer hours. This may sound ...