EG Group has extended its partnership with enterprise application software specialist SAP, to drive its digital capabilities and deliver a modern consumer retail experience. 

The company owns and operates more than 6,200 forecourt sites spanning 10 intrernational markets across Europe, the US and Australia, and has 62 retail partners globally, across grocery and merchandise, foodservice and fuel retail. Its vision is to create a true one-stop retail destination to satisfy multiple consumer demands – be it grocery and merchandise, foodservice or fuel retail.

Following massive growth in recent years, EG Group accumulated multiple disparate enterprise resourse planning (ERP) systems, but says this created barriers to essential data insights.

By adopting SAP’s RISE, the group has streamlined these systems into a single digital core platform, allowing the group to scale up and remain agile to dynamic business and consumer needs around the world.

EG Group is now extending its strategic relationship with SAP further, into other industry offerings, such as retail and oil and gas. The move to RISE with SAP will provide EG Group with an agile and single digital core platform to scale its dynamic business and have a universal ERP template for future acquisitions, allowing EG to remain agile and responsive to business and consumer needs. The company says new core platform will provide financial reporting insights into all its businesses utilising SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Group Reporting.

In a joint statement, Zuber and Mohsin Issa, co-founders and co-CEOs of EG Group, said: “We have engaged SAP to deliver a powerful, cloud-based platform, which will help drive transformation, automate business processes, enable our teams to succeed and more importantly ‒ further enhance decision making.”

Graham Billsborough, CIO of EG Group, said: “Partnering with SAP has already allowed EG Group to realise benefits across functions such as finance, IT, HR, learning and development. By extending the strategic partnership and working even more closely with SAP, the intent is to design and build a more comprehensive technology solution that will be used as a unified global platform. Our ambition is to simplify the current SAP system landscape, through RISE, realising new business capabilities through digital innovation.”

Rohit Nagarajan, president EMEA North at SAP, said: “We are incredibly proud of the established relationship we have with EG Group and this next phase of the company’s growth and transformation is a truly exciting step. Not only for our partnership and what we want to achieve together, but for the way in which EG Group’s move to the cloud with RISE with SAP and S/4HANA will create the necessary foundations to accelerate growth across the business. We believe that with SAP’s technology and experience and EG Group’s commitment to continuous innovation, together we are creating an organisation which fulfils the needs of customers and teams today, whilst setting the foundations for even greater success in the future.”