FT EG Group Cinnabon bakery

EG Group has opened the first bakery in its new partnership with US company Cinnabon at Frontier Park in Blackburn. Additional bakeries are set to open in January 2021.

Freshly made Cinnabon dough is being produced from scratch at a central kitchen in Frontier Park, and will be distributed daily to Cinnabon stores at EG Group sites. The dough will then be hand-rolled and baked in store.

The production facility will support up to 50 stores with daily deliveries of fresh dough. EG Group plans to open 150 stores over the next five years across the UK, creating up to 2,000 jobs nationwide.

“Cinnabon is a well-recognised and enjoyed brand,” said EG Group’s food & beverage director for Europe, Mohammed Tayab. “We are delighted to be able to serve our UK customers with delicious, freshly baked products when they want to treat themselves. EG Group has once again partnered with another global brand, bringing the ultimate convenience to customers.”.

At the new Cinnabon bakery locations, the line-up will include Classic Cinnamon Rolls, which are baked oven fresh with Makara cinnamon and brown sugar and topped with signature cream cheese frosting; as well as the MiniBon, a smaller version of the Classic Roll. Cinnabon also offers made-to-order blended beverages including the Mochalatta Chill and Cinnamon Roll Chillat.