Engie and Greenpoint Services have been working together to provide electric vehicle charging facilities at a new residential development in Virginia Water, Surrey.


There are 20 GeniePoint chargers for residents at the development

Residents of Luddington House now have access to 20 GeniePoint Network electric vehicle chargers providing smart EV charging for their vehicles.

The chargers are operated and managed by Engie’s GeniePoint Network. The 10 dual socket chargers provide Luddington House residents with 7kW charging and are situated in dedicated parking bays at the residence. Drivers can access the chargers either by using an App or by using an RFID card.

Charlie Grumbridge, director at Greenpoint Services, said: “Being so close to London, many residents use their electric vehicles to drive into the City as they are exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

“The residents want to know their vehicles will be left to charge reliably while they are at home, and GeniePoint provides that experience which together with its established nationwide network of chargers gives a first class EV charging solution.”

Alex Bamberg, managing director, Engie EV Solutions, said: “A significant proportion of charging of electric vehicles takes place at home, so providing accessible, affordable, safe charging infrastructure is key in encouraging consumers in their decision to purchase an electric vehicle and supporting the UK’s journey on its Road to Zero.”