Esso has joined forces with one of the leading UK driving schools, RED Driver Training, in a bid to help drivers cut their fuel consumption and emissions and boost road safety.

The move follows research by Esso which found that 42% of Britain’s drivers have either forgotten or don’t recall any fuel efficiency driving tips they learned while training for their driving test.

Today, an estimated 35.9 million people hold a vehicle drivers’ licence in England with 22.9 million of them having taken their test before 2008 when the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Eco-Safe Driving assessment was first introduced. Eco-safe driving is a recognised style of driving that contributes to road safety while also reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Together with RED Driver Training Esso has launched a free Fuel Efficient Driving digital course, which is open to learners and qualified drivers and provides them with a range of driving techniques to help them drive in a more fuel efficient manner. The interactive course uses gamification to make the tips more memorable and easier to apply in practice.

Seb Goldin, CEO at RED Driver Training said: “Efficient driving is not only an important contributor to road safety, but it’s also an effective way to help reduce fuel consumption while on the road. It’s a proven way of driving and something we stand by and educate all our ambitious drivers on. We have found that by simply adopting these driving habits, an average driver can increase their average miles per gallon by up to 25%.”

“We want to educate and encourage people to drive more efficiently,” said Pat Rutherford, Esso UK retail sales manager. “Alongside RED Driver Training, we have created this interactive course to provide useful tips for our customers to make the most of their fuel and car, and not only save on vehicle running costs, but also reduce their overall vehicle emissions.”

To raise awareness on the importance of fuel efficient driving techniques, Esso has also put three UK personalities through a series of fun driving challenges in a short film called Responsible Revvvers. The light-hearted film sees Olympic long-jump champion Greg Rutherford, drift ‘queen’ Becky Evans and Motorsports presenter Amy Reynolds participate in tests including the ‘Egg-celerate challenge’ – a take on the egg and spoon race promoting steady driving, and ‘Ears to the Gears’ where they are urged to be careful with their revs and try not to spill any tea, as they battle to be crowned the most fuel efficient driver. With her careful and measured driving, Amy Reynolds completes the challenges and walks away with the top spot.

The Fuel Efficient Driving digital course can be accessed by visiting the Esso website Following the course completion, drivers will be awarded 500 Nectar points for taking part.