Nisa aims to be the most ’forward-thinking’ symbol group in the sector, and plans to update more than 300 stores over the next three years to bring all stores into line with its latest branding. 

In the past decade it has gradually replaced its brand specification to the Nisa Evolution Format, updating the fascia from white to grey and will therefore now be supporting retailers with the old SOTF1 fascia to update to the Evolution Format.

The wholesaler claims retailers who update their store fascia generally see an 11 – 13% uplift in sales. Those retailers with the old fascia will have six months to commit to updating their fascia to the Evolution Format, using their store development fund, or will be supported in moving onto Nisa’s alternative entry fascia branding or assisted in creating their own independent imagery.

The change comes as Nisa seeks to modernise and enhance the brand’s identity, supporting ambitions to be the most forward-thinking symbol group in the sector. 

Darren May, head of Format & Development at Nisa, said: “With the Evolution format celebrating its 10th anniversary in April 2024, we feel this is the perfect time to modernise the estate and reward those who are proud to be a part of the Nisa Symbol group. We have found that retailers who update their store fascia see an 11-13% increase in sales, so we want to encourage and support all retailers who have not already done so to transition to the Nisa Evolution Format.”