HMRC is this week introducing new checks on the codes that are given to businesses to help them ensure they are registered properly for the UK track and trace system.

Businesses that are involved in the tobacco supply chain have an economic operator ID (EOID) code for their business, and a facility ID (FID) code for each site. Over the next eight weeks, any codes that aren’t recognised by the track and trace system will generate a warning, allowing businesses time to investigate by logging any issues with the ID Issuer website here.

The eight-week grace period runs from 3 May to 27 June. At the end of the grace period, messages containing codes that fail the new checks will generate an error message. Retailers that receive an error message must take action to correct the error before continuing to move tobacco products through the supply chain.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We have worked extensively with HMRC to support retailers with the implementation of the tobacco track and trace system since its introduction in 2019, and we hope that this is another step toward only legitimate businesses being involved in the tobacco supply chain. We welcome the eight-week grace period, which should give businesses time to investigate any issues with their codes.”