Jet has today launched a new advertising campaign that takes a humorous look at how Jet takes the drama out of driving.

Featuring a variety of films plus digital executions – the campaign explores a series of stressful scenarios that drivers often experience with a comedy twist.

A theatrical blue curtain with the words “Jet presents” sweeps open to reveal a distressed bridesmaid on a Jet forecourt.

Weeping and whaling she yells “we don’t have time to fill up” only for her mood to change in an instant as her wedding buddy announces “it’s all done” and they drive off calmly with the end-line “here for drivers not dramas”.

In another scenario a driver is furious as the last drop of windscreen washer liquid leaves the tank, only for his mood to change immediately as his wife, sat in the seat next to him, hands him a new bottle.

Snacks, coffee and premium fuel are covered in the other executions, all supporting the key messaging that at Jet, there are no dramas.

Commenting on the campaign Rob Runnels, manager, brand, UK Marketing Phillips 66, said: “This campaign is full of humanity and humour, and truly captures the unique spirit and personality of the Jet brand. Deliberately over the top and dramatic, the scenarios are nonetheless relatable and will resonate with our customers. This is a campaign to be proud of. One that puts a smile on your face and stands out for all the right reasons.”