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MFG has won planning permission to raise the height of the canopy at its Auchinleck Service Station, in East Ayrshire, from 4.5m to 5.1m.

A Design and Access statement supporting the planning application said that the reason for raising the height was because the existing canopy at the Jet service station was vulnerable to impact damage and had to be repaired “on many occasions”.

It explained: “Historically canopies were lower because vehicles generally were smaller and although the principle of refuelling vehicles has not changed, it is easy to see by comparison with modern stations where the changes have evolved.

“Petrol stations now serve larger vehicles, particularly the delivery tankers that bring and off-load fuel into the underground storage tanks.

“In the 70s and 80s the industry standards for the height of the forecourt canopy ranged between 3m and 4.2m from the ground to the underside of the canopy. This clearance accommodated all but a very few road vehicles.”

It pointed out that the industry standard is now 5.4m, although most of tallest HGVs remain on trunk roads and motorways.

It added: “The need to remove the ongoing risk of damage and subsequent loss of business by raising the height of the canopy is the reason for this application.”

East Ayrshire Council ruled that the application was in accordance with all the relevant planning policies and granted permission for the alteration.