Joydens wood 3

Volumes and profits have been boosted by around 30% at Joydens Wood Service Station in Bexley, Kent, following its recent move to Gulf.

Based in Bexley, Kent, the family business is run by Sadiq Jaffrey - although his parents, who bought the site 21 years ago and live next door, remain actively involved.

It would be an understatement to say that the move to Gulf has had a positive effect on the business, according to Sadiq, who estimates that volumes and profits have increased by at least 30% and the impact on the overall business, which includes a bespoke autocentre that offers servicing and MOTs, has been significant. 

“The switch to Gulf has been a very good move for our family and for our customers,” explains Sadiq. “The new colour scheme is much more welcoming, and we have invested in a new integrated Orbis till system to improve our stock management and to enable us to participate in Gulf’s Oomph loyalty scheme. We see the benefit of Oomph on our profitability every day. It is proving a game changer; the monthly prize draws and discounts in store help us engage with our customers and encourage them back. We have incentivised coffee sales and undertake regular promotions including a short term 5ppl offer on Endurance that has driven up sales for Gulf’s higher-margin premium grade fuel. Oomph has also enabled us to create a meaningful relationship with the charity, Ellenor, a local hospice that is close to the hearts of many local people.

The switch to the Gulf brand took place in October 2021 and Sadiq believes that with support of Certas Energy and Gulf Retail the business can achieve even more.

“We have already increased annual volumes from 700,000 litres per annum to 1.1mlpa and with Gulf’s continued support 1.5mlpa is achievable. Although we are in a high-density area and close to the A2, we are essentially a local forecourt on a local through route. The challenge to attract new business away from larger all-purpose forecourts and supermarkets is ongoing. Thankfully, Gulf understands our business and the needs of the small-volume dealer, from flexibility on load sizes to pricing and maximising shop potential. In Gulf area manager, Niall Taylor, we have the best person to answer our questions and bounce ideas off. His expertise is invaluable and with his help and advice we have installed a Jack’s Beans coffee machine in store and introduced a new Vape distributor. Both have become popular with customers and boosted revenues.

”Our business is now in a better place than it has been for years, and we are re-invigorated to continue to invest and grow. Knowing that I have Gulf in my corner is reassuring and we are moving forward together.”