FT Flowbird Charge Point

Parking technology company Flowbird is planning to rapidly expand into the EV charging market after implementing its first charge points with combined parking payments.

The company has partnered with ChargePoint provider Innogy eMobility and payment provider, Paythru, to install two state-of-the charging points for Napier Parking at its busy Pall Mall Car Park in Barnsley.

The charge points installed are three-phased, which can give out 22kWh charge. The units are also compatible with EVs that operate on single-phase charging, future- proofing the infrastructure so that cars made by Tesla, Jaguar I-Pace, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, Opel and Mercedes can be charged in the future.

Jamie de Savary, managing director of Napier Parking, commented: “Flowbird is known in the parking industry as being a provider of solutions that are reliable and have a long shelf-life. We’re confident EV users will have a stress-free experience when charging their vehicles and paying for parking provision.”

The new Flowbird charge points have an app to accept payment for both parking and charging, making this a genuine park and charge solution. The technology and the operation of the charge points comprises Innogy’s physical infrastructure, combined with Paythru’s back-office software for processing payments.

Flowbird also provides 24/7 user support which will allow customers to call if there is an issue. In addition, the charge points will be covered by Flowbird’s fully comprehensive maintenance contract ensuring that the units are available at all times.

Danny Hassett, Flowbird’s managing director Smart City UK, commented: “Parking and charging go hand in hand, and need to be considered as one challenge. At Flowbird we have an in depth understanding of this market, trusted relationships with local authorities, and detailed data on parking patterns around the UK.

“Now we have established partnerships with leading EV providers and installers, we can offer a strategic partnership to help local authorities design and deliver their EV charging strategy. What sets Flowbird’s offering apart from competitors is we offer the complete package of installation and after sales support.”