GoWash - Nationwide Car Wash Payment app

Smartphone payment app GoWash has declared its support of the Responsible Car Wash Scheme (RCWS), encouraging car wash sites joining its nationwide network to achieve RCWS accreditation.

GoWash works with a network of privately owned car washing and valeting businesses, including Car Park Valeting, which operates from 120 sites in Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Asda. When joining GoWash, all car wash operators are asked to list the compliance checks they have completed at their site and are introduced to the RCWS with details of the accreditation scheme.

Jonny Billing, founder of GoWash, said: “Concerns over irregularity in this industry have increased public interest and, in tandem with the RCWS pilot project, our team at GoWash is supporting the push for better regulation.”

Teresa Sayers, managing director, RCWS, said: “Payment methods offered by car washes are one of the main indicators of whether they are operating as legitimate businesses. Cash-only payment could be a sign of non-compliance with business or employment regulations. The GoWash app provides transparency over business transactions and convenience to the public looking to find and pay for a car wash nearby.”