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PayPoint has teamed up with YouLend, an embedded business finance company, to provide eligible PayPoint retailers with flexible funding offers that allow them to pay back their finance as they earn from card sales.

The scheme is designed to free up funds, enabling retailers to focus on growth, buy stock or assist with cash flow.

Instead of paying a fixed monthly repayment, a small percentage of every card transaction is used to repay the funding, giving retailers peace of mind that repayments will be in proportion with their income from card sales.

Mark Latham, PayPoint’s banking services director, said: “PayPoint has long been a champion of the UK convenience sector, and this has become even more important as our retailer partners continue to adjust to the post-pandemic market. We want to ensure PayPoint retailers have the best possible flexibility and freedom in how they secure funding to respond to these evolving challenges. The flexible financing options, provided in partnership with YouLend, do exactly that by enabling retailers to opt for an alternative yet simple repayment option that can help free up funds to be used elsewhere.”

Retailers can find out more and apply online by visiting the PayPoint website.