FT shell Recharge in use

The partnership gives Onto subscribers access to more than 100 Shell Recharge chargepoints

Shell has partnered electric vehicle (EV) charging subscription service Onto, offering users access to more than 3,400 UK chargepoints.

The deal allows Onto customers to charge at more than 100 Shell Recharge chargepoints as well as giving them access to around 3,300 chargepoints through its 17 network partners at no extra cost to their monthly subscription.

The network partners include Char.gy, ESB and ESB Group, EV-Box, Fastned, Franklin Energy, Gronn Kontakt, NewMotion, Osprey Charging and Porsche.

The subscription takes in more than 950 rapid chargepoints, including the Shell Recharge and Ionity network of 350kW chargepoints as well as Shell Recharge rapid and high-powered chargers.

Sarah Llewelyn, head of Shell Fleet Solutions, said that providing Onto customers with access to Shell’s network offers them “accessible and convenient charging solutions on the go”, with Shell hoping that it can “help make their electrification journey as seamless as possible”.

Rob Jolly, co-founder and CEO at Onto, said the company is “hugely excited” to be partnering with Shell to offer its customers “even greater access and choice when it comes to charging their electric vehicle on the go”.