Swarco Smart Charging (SSC), part of the international SWARCO group of companies, is formally rebranding its systems and service business to Evolt Charging to reflect how its market proposition has evolved and recognise its heritage in a name that launched its electric vehicle charging business more than 14 years ago. 

The EV charging infrastructure and services brand will also be accompanied by a new identity and website. 

Anne Buckingham, managing director of Evolt Charging, says that now is a good time for the turnkey service business to reaffirm its position in the market and its commitment to its people: “When the ‘eVolt’ brand first appeared on EV charging stations in 2010, it was one of the true pioneers in the industry,” she said.  

“Today, we are proud of the business that we have built around the founding principles of innovation and passion. Critically, we’re proud of the quality of the teams that have grown with us, committed to our belief in a collaborative culture and improving sustainable transportation.  

“It started with eVolt, grew and matured as SSC and now the time is right to rebrand to reflect the success and expertise of our people. It means giving our infrastructure and services proposition its own distinctive visual identity and tone of voice, while still being true to the foundations of the business, of who we are and what we stand for.” 

Evolt Charging remains part of Swarco Smart Charging Ltd as a legal entity, and the team will continue to support local authorities across the UK as well as a growing number of Charge Point Operator (CPO) customers to launch, operate and grow their own charging networks. It will also continue to serve fleet operators, the eBus and eTruck sectors in the transition through fleet electrification, and businesses who want to add charging to their workplace.  

The business says it provides a full, end-to-end infrastructure delivery model which includes design, connection, installation, a multi award-winning customer service capability, software solutions and nationwide service and maintenance teams.  

Evolt Charging employs more than 182 staff and is headquartered in Hertfordshire with operations across the UK. It has currently installed more than 13,000 commercial charging stations across the UK since its launch.