A number of new features have been introduced as UKPIA has published the 2020 edition of its annual Statistical Review.

Stephen Marcos Jones

UKPIA director-general Stephen Marcos Jones

The publication, which has been produced by UKPIA since 2003, is a compilation of UK downstream oil industry statistics, drawn from a range of sources including government departments and UKPIA members.

Key statistics this year include:

  • · £31.8bn was collected in tax from road fuel duty and VAT in 2019, slightly higher than the 10-year average receipts (£30.8 bn);
  • · the UK continues to be an overall importer of petroleum products, though it is a net exporter of surplus gasoline products;
  • · the UK’s overall greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 2% in 2018, while the CO2 emissions decreased by another 2.2% since 2017 – all this alongside continued economic growth.

UKPIA’s director-general, Stephen Marcos Jones, said: “I am delighted to publish the 2020 Statistical Review. We’ve continued to improve the UKPIA Statistical Review and several new statistical analyses have been included in this year’s publication, most notably on biofuels and UK greenhouse gas emissions.

“Given the major changes to EU legislation, the UK Government’s E10 Consultation, and the sector’s own view of the importance of low carbon liquid fuels as shown in UKPIA’s Future Vision publication in 2019, the time is right to include a fuller assessment of these important low carbon fuels in our assessment.

“Clearly Covid-19 has put an enormous strain on the economy, which will be captured in next year’s publication, however the UKPIA Statistical Review reminds readers of the economic impact of the downstream oil sector and its importance to the UK’s energy needs.”

An electronic version of the 2020 edition of the Statistical Review can be downloaded from the UKPIA website.