getty avocados

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I don’t know much about avocados; but I do know that I don’t like them.

I don’t know if you sell a lot of avocados. You might do, as apparently the UK is the joint second biggest consumer of avocados in Europe. France comes first and we tie in second place with Germany.

The reason I know this now is that I have had a press release from the World Avocado Organization (sic). I didn’t know such an organisation existed but it does and it has just released a new report into UK trends in avocado consumption but, rather more interestingly, the report delves into healthy eating preferences and dining out behaviours – well, that’s more like it!

First up though, more avocado data. According to the World Avocado Organization (WAO) nearly half of Gen Z-ers (49%) and 42% of Millennials eat at least one avocado each week. On average, the Z-ers out-eat the Millennials consuming 1.5 avocados a week versus the Millennials’ one a week. And shock horror, 40% of Brits don’t eat any avocados, ever. And one final avocado fact: 31% of Brits prefer to eat avocados straight from the skin, with a spoon.

As for healthy eating, the WAO research found that 96% of us here in the UK place high importance on healthy eating. Now I don’t know about you but I reckon that if someone asked me about eating healthily I would probably say ‘I try to’ then go off and have some Cadbury Dairy Milk. I am sure most people have good intentions but we all know about those.

The survey also found that food prices and ultra-processed foods were worrisome for most people; but I bet that doesn’t stop many of them tucking into some chicken nuggets and chips.

The chairman of the WAO Zac Bard waxed lyrical about the ‘great taste’ and ‘fantastic’ health benefits of the fruit – I have to admit, I had to look that up as I was not sure if it was a fruit or a vegetable.

Zac was pleased that 70% of Europeans believe that avocados are healthy but less so with the fact that 30% of them didn’t know exactly how healthy they were and he seemed astonished that 29% say they never eat them.

He says, therefore, that they have more work to do to educate consumers.

I have just educated myself by finding out that avocados are a superfood containing healthy fats, anti-aging antioxidants and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. Vitamins C, E and K are all packed inside as well as potassium and magnesium.

It’s a shame really that I don’t like them but as I’m in the minority, I suggest you carry on selling them!