Shell and Dutch charging point operator Allego have revealed the locations where the first fast chargers for electric vehicles will be installed at selected Shell service stations.

The two companies are working together to install and operate the fast chargers, and the project will include sites at Shell stations in the UK and The Netherlands.

The first chargers are due to open in Greater London and Derby in the UK, and in Randstad in the western part of the Netherlands.

Anja van Niersen, CEO of Allego, said: “We are proud being a service partner for Shell and that we can contribute to the transition towards cleaner mobility. We are looking forward to supporting Shell in delivering excellent value to its customers.”

She added: “We see that people are willing to shift towards electric mobility, but a lack of appropriate level of charging infrastructure and interoperable charging services is one of their main concerns.”

She said the collaboration between Allego and Shell was addressing this by adding fast chargers at the right service stations, and by providing an open charging network that is accessible for all electric vehicle drivers, regardless of the brand of the car.