EdgePetrol’s Sarah Kind shares her passion for animals (including cats big and small) and her joy at making it into Forecourt Trader!


FT - Sarah Kind, Edge Petrol

Sarah Kind, Edge Petrol

Name: Sarah Kind

Job title: VP customer success

Company: EdgePetrol

01 Career history: Nine years in legal and tax content; one year in fashion events (which sounds more glamorous than it was); a mixture of less enjoyable roles before then, including car hire!

02 Dream job – if you weren’t doing this: Running a game reserve in Africa or a vet.

03 What do you drive: A ‘blue BMW’ – apparently it’s an MSport.

04 What would you like to drive: A Porsche Macan.

05 Perfect day: Coffee in bed then an al fresco lunch with friends somewhere warm, pretty and sunny like Provence.

06 Favourite team: As in sport? Not really an avid sports fan but if pushed would say Liverpool FC and for those that remember, I still own a copy of the Anfield Rap.

07 Favourite read: Wild Swans by Jung Chang. I also love crime fiction.

08 Favourite film:

Gladiator – one of the few films that I can watch again and again. I would have loved to have watched it at the Colosseum when they screened it there.

09 Best holiday: Safari in South Africa with garden route road trip.

10 Possessions you couldn’t do without: Toothbrush – I like to feel fresh. And my cats, if they count as possessions.

11 Most admire: My best friend – intelligent, strong, kind and takes no crap!

12 Most likely to say: “One for the road.”

13 Least likely to say: “No thanks, I’m driving.”

14 Greatest fear: Ill health.

15 Best business advice you’ve received: If you always know how to do everything in your role then you are not being challenged.

16 Best thing about your job: The people – both at EdgePetrol and in the industry. They’re friendly, direct and down to earth, which is what I like.

17 Most recent business achievement/s of note: Making it into the Forecourt Trader!

18 Pet hate: Being interrupted/talked over. And menus riddled with goat’s cheese – why is mozzarella so out of fashion?

19 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: If anyone had said to me three years ago that I’d love working in petrol retail I would have laughed. But it’s a really interesting industry and I love being able to make a difference to customers. As a business established only a few years ago, we were all new in this industry yet feel that we have been made very welcome in a close–knit community. It’s also a relief to be part of a core industry in these uncertain times.

20 Three words to describe yourself: Friendly. Determined. Measured.

FT - Sarah Kind, Edge Petrol on holiday