Phil Withers - director, Withers Holdings Ltd (MFG franchise)

01 Career history: I started my career very early by working in my father’s convenience store stacking shelves after school at the age of 14. In 2001 he retired so I bought the business; I developed it then in 2005 I sold it on for a very good return. In 2006 I joined Esso (ROC UK) and became one of their site managers. I managed many problematic sites, I went in and turned the stores around. I also became a training manager for new recruits. In 2008 I was given Barton Mills, which is one of the busiest sites for Esso. In 2015, Esso sold to MRH and I took over the franchise and have remained there, under MFG since the merger.

02 Dream job (if you weren’t doing this): I would have liked to have been a pilot, as I love to travel.

03 What do you drive: An Audi SQ5.

04 What would you like to drive: Aston Martin.

05 Perfect day: A walk down the beach with my partner and my 12-year old Bassett called Ted.

06 Favourite team: I am not a huge sports fan, so I would say my favourite team is the people I work with every day.

07 Favourite read: I don’t have much time to read as I am always working!

08 Favourite film: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

09 Best holiday: I have travelled the world several times over, however I really did like Aruba in the Caribbean for its laid-back approach and beautiful beaches.

10 Possessions you couldn’t do without: My mobile phone, car and laptop.

11 Most admire: Steve Jobs.

12 Most likely to say: "Have the drinks been done?"

13 Least likely to say: "There’s nothing to do."

14 Greatest achievement: Running my own businesses.

15 Greatest fear: Has to be heights.

16 Tips for business success: Listen to your staff and also your customers.

17 Best thing about your job: Being a transient site we serve very different people we have even served Prince Harry!

18 Pet hate: Lateness.

19 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: It’s now all about food-to-go. Who would have thought, 10 years ago, that you would have been able to grab either a Subway or a Stone Willy’s pizza, however you can now if you call into Barton Mills.

20 Three words to describe yourself: Energetic, strong-willed and loyal.