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    Cocoa Nuts!


    Confectionery sales are worth £4.88bn in the UK (AC Nielsen Scantrack Impulse), with retail sales having grown by £800m in 2003. Chocolate confectionery sales account for £3.36bn of this and increased by 2.5% in 2003, according to Cadbury Trebor Bassett’s Confectionery Report 2003. This gain was achieved despite falling sales ...

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    Sweets ahead


    All the major manufacturers seem to be turning their attention to the sugar stuff, which is great news for forecourt retailers. This is because, firstly, sugar confectionery gives them a higher profit margin than chocolate, and secondly, many consumers prefer sugar products when they are travelling, especially with kids in ...

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    Double whammy


    With Valentine’s Day safely out of the way and all those red roses and chocolate hearts sold, forecourt retailers can look forward to a double whammy on the confectionery sales front – Mother’s Day on March 21, followed by Easter on April 9-12. Forecourts, of course, are in a great ...

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    Sweet success


    Sugar confectionery sales are growing three times faster than chocolate, according to The Haribo Report 2003, which attributes the growth to new product development and increased market support. It puts the value of the total sugar confectionery market at £993m and says that the top performers are gums ...

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    Raising the bar


    Confectionery is possibly the ultimate impulse purchase, with 70 per cent of consumers buying chocolate and sweets on the spur of the moment. But, according to Nestlé Rowntree, the category hasn’t been as profitable as it could have been. “The industry has driven volume at the expense of value,” says ...