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    With its relatively low price point and feel-good factor, the chocolate confectionery category is more than holding its own in the forecourt shop. According to IRI data, the chocolate confectionery category in the convenience channel is now worth £1.3bn and growing by 3% year-on-year. Singles make up the bulk of ...

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    Xmas time


    For those of you thinking about giving up on Christmas confectionery and handing it over completely to the grocery mults, the advice from the experts is ’think again’. Jonathan Summerley, purchasing director at specialist confectionery cash and carry chain Hancocks, comments: "Competition will always come from the supermarkets for every ...

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    Sweet smart


    IRI sales data for the sugar confectionery market across all trade sectors values it at £1.2bn (down 0.8%) for the 52 weeks ending March 27. However, specialist confectionery cash and carry chain Hancocks reports that its sugar confectionery sales have been extremely buoyant in the past 12 months, ...

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    Full of beans


    Chocolate’s been in the news a lot lately with Kraft’s bid for Cadbury and the placing of the story so far up the news’ lists reflects UK consumers’ love of the stuff. However, the big story on the shelf is the major manufacturers’ move to using Fairtrade cocoa in their ...

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    According to research done a few years ago by Pathfinder, car journeys were the single biggest consumption occasion for mints, while Cadbury research carried out last year found that travelling accounts for 21.4% of chewing gum occasions second only to work. What is more, 29% of gum users keep ...

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    Oldies but goodies


    If you are looking for lots of exciting new confectionery lines for this Christmas you’re going to be disappointed. There are a few here and there, but mostly manufacturers are sticking to existing products that they know sell well. Cadbury is the only one of the ’big three’ which is ...

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    Keep it sweet


    Sugar confectionery is one category which is staying sweet despite the recession. According to AC Nielsen data, it’s worth keeping those shelves well stocked as the UK sugar confectionery market is currently worth £738m, and growing annually by 4.2%. Maria Moran, senior brand manager at Fox’s Confectionery, explains: ...

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    Good chews


    Everyone knows that chewing gum tastes great and minty gums freshen your breath, but it seems there’s much more to it than that. Over the past few years, the Wrigley Science Institute has conducted research into the benefits of chewing gum for stress relief and increased alertness, focus and concentration. ...

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    Hop to it


    Last Easter was not the best one for retailers and that’s because it came really early. Consequently sales were down. However the good news for next Easter is that it’s three weeks later with Easter Sunday on April 12. So that gives you 21 extra days to sell chocolate eggs. ...

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    Santa’s little helpers


    After looking at the grocery multiples’ ’silly prices’ on Christmas confectionery last year you might have thought it’s ’game over’ and decided to give up on the category all together.However, Nestlé UK trade communications manager, Graham Walker, wants you to think again. "Forecourts can win at Christmas because of their ...

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    Jelly good show


    Gums and jellies now account for around 25% of sugar confectionery sales. According to AC Nielsen data, sales increased 4% in the past 12 months, which was slightly ahead of the sugar confectionery market as a whole. Herwig Vennekens, managing director of Haribo, says his company’s top three selling ...

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    Something to chew over


    If you haven’t updated your chewing gum offer lately, you could be missing out on one of the fastest-growing areas of forecourt sales. That’s the message from the two main chewing gum manufacturers who are churning out new and innovative products aimed at capturing consumers’ imagination. This fast-changing sector is ...

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    Filled with Opportunity


    The big three chocolate manufacturers - Cadbury Trebor Bassett (CTB), Mars and Nestlé Rowntree - all have the same message for forecourt retailers in the run up to Easter 2008. Stock up on filled and mini eggs, they say, and cash in on the impulse sales they bring. Indeed the ...

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    Chocs away


    When it comes to chocolate, we’re all getting a little bit posher in our tastes. Forget your cheap and cheerful offerings, customers increasingly want better quality chocs in fancier packaging. And so it is that the premium sector is one of the main trends driving today’s chocolate market for retailers. ...

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    Sweetness & light


    Less fat, less sugar and more fruit juice. That basically sums up what’s going on in the sugar confectionery market. So we have Maynards Wine Gums Light with 50% less sugar than the standard line, and Haribo Lite, which is a selection of fruit-flavoured, fruit-shaped gums which have 30% fewer ...

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    Glad tidings


    Just how badly the Cadbury salmonella scare has affected the chocolate market is hard to say but that, on top of record summer temperatures and consumer concerns over health and obesity, have all been bad news. However as we head towards the autumn - and more importantly - towards Christmas, ...

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    Sweet & sour


    Toxic Waste, Atomic FireBlast and Gum Powder can all be found on the shelves of the Murco garage in the Willesborough suburb of Ashford, Kent, and manager, Roberto Di Duca, says he can’t get enough of them. Of course they are not as bad as their names suggest, but are ...

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    Praising the bar


    Christmas is coming and with it the countless number of special chocolate lines – advent calendars, tree decorations, selection packs and mega-size tins to name but a few. However according to Andrea Taylor, trade relations manager at Masterfoods, forecourts shouldn’t get too carried away with seasonal lines: “You’ve got to ...

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    Get the hang of it


    Some suppliers are saying sales of sugar confectionery are up slightly and others are saying the market’s flat, but one thing they are all agreed on is that hanging bags are the big sales success story for forecourts. That’s because in cars up and down the country, glove boxes are ...

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    Scramble for sales


    Unfortunately the grocery multiples have taken a lot of the profit out of Easter for convenience retailers, either with or without a forecourt. The reason is that the multiples have done so many cut-price promotional deals that in a lot of cases Easter eggs have become a commodity. Of course ...