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    Candy crush


    There’s much debate about the sugar in our diets in the mass media yet still UK consumers are ’sweet’ on sweets and those consumers are not just kids. Indeed, according to Mintel’s latest Sugar and Gum Confectionery report, four out of five adults had eaten sweets in the six ...

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    Choc stars


    You might think that chocolate sells itself but according to Bep Dhaliwal, trade communications manager, at Mars Chocolate UK, there’s more you can do to help increase sales. "It’s a mature category that delivers good returns but you can help increase your shoppers’ basket spend," she says. Dhaliwal believes good ...

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    Xmas stars


    Seasonal impulse confectionery should be the key focus for convenience retailers at Christmas. Nestlé UK Ireland spokesperson, James Maxton, explains: "With 66% of sales incremental to all-year-round singles confectionery, it is the novelty of these products that attracts shoppers. They also act as a signpost for the Christmas ...

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    Sweet spot


    The warmer weather is generally good news for sugar confectionery as consumers swap melt-prone chocolate for sweets. And one brand that performs particularly well in forecourts is Haribo, whose Starmix, Tangfastics and Super Mix continue to be the brand’s best sellers, worth over £3.9m within forecourts alone (IRI data). Haribo ...

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    Block busters


    Nights in sharing choccie in front of the latest TV box set have kept the chocolate market buoyant but so too has innovation. According to Nielsen data, Mondeléz International is the clear winner in the chocolate market, accounting for 37.4% of value sales. And it has enjoyed an increase in ...

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    Creme of the crop


    Christmas is still a few weeks away yet canny retailers are already thinking about Easter, which is still months away. Many shoppers know Christmas is over as soon as they see Cadbury Creme Eggs out on display and for many stores that’s at the end of December. Indeed specialist confectionery ...

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    Novelty value


    From popping candy frogs to robins and even white chocolate polar bears, there really is something for everyone this Christmas. The confectionery manufacturers seem to have pulled out all the stops to ensure this Christmas will be a cracker. According to Nielsen data, seasonal self-eat treats were worth £3m last ...

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    Sweet truth


    According to research company Mintel, the "vibrant pack designs and lively marketing messages that characterise sugar confectionery" are in contrast to the market’s sales performance. It seems all is not rosy. While price rises because of more expensive ingredients have pushed up total value sales, volume sales have fallen due ...

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    Cocoa nuts


    The UK’s love of chocolate means that sales have been largely unaffected by the country’s economic situation. It seems cash-strapped consumers can always find money for their favourite choccy bar. According to Mintel, since 2006 the UK chocolate confectionery market has grown by 21%, with steady year-on-year growth of between ...

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    Checkout champs


    A new report from Palmer Harvey reveals that petrol stations sell nearly twice as much chewing gum as standalone convenience stores. It’s not surprising really given the benefits of chewing gum such as giving you fresher breath and aiding concentration. Nathan Griffiths, trade marketing manager at Perfetti Van ...

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    The eggs factor


    There’ll be something missing from some Cadbury Creme Eggs this Easter their ’x-factor’, or rather their goo! But don’t worry it’s all for a good cause brand owner Kraft Foods is running a special Gooless Eggs promotion, exclusive to convenience outlets, including forecourt stores. The promotion will encourage consumers ...

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    Focus on Confectionery: Sweet treats


    Most forecourt retailers should probably leave the grocery superstores to battle over who sells the biggest tins of Quality Street, Roses and Celebrations at the lowest price, and instead focus on the self-eat novelties and impulse lines that they are so good at selling. Yes, consumers will be ...

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    Focus on Confectionery: Scare tactics


    Halloween is big business in the UK. According to retail intelligence firm Planet Retail, sales rose 12.5% last year to reach £315m. Retail analyst Lisa Byfield-Green says the occasion has continued to grow consistently since Planet Retail began tracking figures in 2001. "This has been driven by a ...

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    Focus on Confectionery: Bag some sales


    Bags of Haribo sweets should probably come with a health warning nothing to do with sugar or calories but more to do with the fact that they’ll attract a lot of attention. Open a bag of Haribos in a confined space and you’ll soon be surrounded by people asking for ...

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    Bubbling away


    Kraft Foods is relaunching Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) Bubble as a bubbly-shaped bar and Cadbury Wispa has a new format; Nestlé is reshaping Aero chocolate bars into ’snappable bubbles’; while Mars is extending its Galaxy Bubbles range. Quite simply, chocolate manufacturers have gone bubble crazy. The CDM Bubbly bar has ...

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    Stick with it


    It’s a case of New Year, new flavours for chewing gum. Wrigley is adding evolution which is described as a sour-to-sweet citrus pear flavour to its 5 range. Extra is taking the fruity route with a new strawberry flavour while Perfetti Van Melle is adding skweez and ice ...

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    Get cracking


    Forecourt retailers should let the grocery multiples get on with their big promotions on Easter eggs while they concentrate on what they do well selling chocolate for immediate consumption, says Graham Walker, trade communications manager at Nestlé UK. "For convenience retailers to see sales success next spring, their number one ...

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    Sugar rush


    Media reports that Prince William’s bride Kate Middleton has a hankering for Haribo must have been music to the ears of the gums and jellies company. After all, publicity like that is priceless. Apparently Kate’s favourites are Starmix and Tangfastics both of which are selling well. What is more, ...

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    Bags of profit


    If you’re looking to pep up your chocolate sales then you need to make sure you’re taking advantage of the growth of sharing bags. That’s because sharing bags is the second largest category in confectionery behind single countlines (IRI data). And what is more, within the total sharing bags category, ...

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    Worth a mint


    It may be one of the most impulsive categories in forecourt stores but the mints and gum category hasn’t been without its share of problems. An influx of product development and lack of focus sent the category into decline for a while, but 2010 saw a return to growth. According ...