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    Unilever adds chocolate and orange ice cream variants


    Unilever is bringing chocolate and orange to its Magnum, Carte D’Or and Viennetta brands, ahead of the festive season. They will be available as Magnum Mini Chocolate & Orange 6 x 55ml multipack, with an RRP of £3.93, Viennetta Limited Edition Chocolate & Orange (650ml,320g) with an RRP of £1.84, ...

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    New Forest Ice Cream extends impulse range


    New Forest Ice Cream has extended its impulse range of wrapped ice creams and frozen lollies with three new products. The new ‘Salted Caramel Cone’, ‘Double Bubble’ and ‘Twisted Trio’ are all part of the company’s investment across the entire range to ensure retailers and operators can maximise their impulse ...

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    Unilever brings ice cream Joy to the UK market


    ollaboration with Ferrero to bring Kinder and Kinder Bueno ice creams to the UK, following a phenomenal launch in Europe last year. Kinder Ice Cream Stick, Ice Cream Sandwich and Kinder Joy Ice Cream all contain 100 calories or less and are made with high-quality ingredients. Each variant comes in ...

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    Unilever partners Ferrero to introduce Kinder ice creams


    Unilever has announced a first-time collaboration with Ferrero to bring Kinder and Kinder Bueno Ice Cream to the UK, following a launch in Europe last year. The two new ice cream ranges include three Kinder Ice Cream products that are set to drive value into the kids’ ice cream segment, ...

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    Lotus Bakeries introduces Lotus Biscoff ice cream to UK


    Lotus Bakeries has launched Lotus Biscoff ice cream in the UK.Made with real dairy ice cream that features the same flavour synonymous with the little red biscuit, the Lotus Biscoff ice cream is wrapped in a layer of Lotus Biscoff spread and coated in a crisp layer of Belgian milk ...

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    New Forest Ice Cream unveils new brand identity


    New Forest Ice Cream is kicking off 2019 by unveiling a new brand identity. The new look features an evolution of the company’s logo, designed to update the brand image while remaining true to the values that are important to the family company in 2019. The primary colours of blue ...

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    Malibu has new smaller footprint ice cream machine


    The latest addition to Malibu’s machine range is aimed at customers new to serving soft ice cream, and those who are not expecting a huge sales volume but still want to attract new customers.The CT121 has a footprint of just 30cm. It is also the first Malibu machine to feature ...

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    Malibu unveils slimline soft ice cream machine


    The newest addition to Malibu’s line of soft ice cream machines is aimed at customers new to serving soft ice cream, and those who are not expecting a huge sales volume but still want to attract new customers and make money from a fresh offering. The CT121 has the smallest ...

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    product news: ice cream secures place on Big Night In menu


    Research commissioned by Mars Ice Cream has revealed that the trend for entertaining friends and family at home continues to thrive, with a third of UK consumers stating that they entertain at home more than they did 10 years ago. Three quarters (71%) of consumers plan to entertain friends and ...

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    Guilt-free ice cream now available from Booker


    Halo Top, which was launched successfully into Tesco in January, is now available to independents from Booker. The low fat, low sugar, high protein ice cream is a massive success in the US where it outsells both Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s in the pint-size market. Booker is listing four ...

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    product news: Unilever brings in Breyers ice cream from US


    Unilever’s premium ice cream brand Breyers, which is ranked by Nielsen as the number one premium ice cream brand by value in the US, is launching in the UK. The brand is seeking to tap into the growing health and wellness trend in the UK, with 350 calories or fewer ...

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    Maltesers added to Mars ice cream tubs range


    Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats will add Maltesers to its ice cream sharing tub range from February. It is expected to be a big hit as Maltesers are purchased by more than a third of UK households each year. In addition, Mars and Snickers ice cream tubs are now available ...

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    Product news: Froneri adds to confectionery ice creams


    Froneri (formerly R&R Ice Cream) is making four additions to its range of Mondelez ice creams as its looks to replicate the popularity and sales of the confectionary lines within the ice cream market. Froneri has developed a range of NPD that consists of some of the most popular Mondelez ...

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    product news: Mars Ice Cream introduces new lines


    Mars Ice Cream is launching its Mars and Snickers ice creams in a tub format. The Mars ice cream tub encompasses creamy dairy ice cream with smooth caramel and crunchy chocolaty pieces, while the Snickers ice cream tub delivers a combination of roasted, crunchy peanuts, smooth caramel and chocolate with ...

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    product news: Unilever lines up £7m spend on ice cream


    Unilever has lined up a £7m media value planned marketing investment, new freezers and POS materials, promotions and an innovative range of new products to support the impulse ice cream category in 2017. From March, Unilever will be launching the Talking Ice Cream marketing campaign to promote its new snacking ...

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    product news: Mars pushes in-home ice cream


    Research carried out by Mars Ice Cream has revealed that the trend for entertaining at home is here to stay. It found 66% of UK consumers say they now entertain at home as much as, or more than they did 10 years ago, and that ice cream is second ...

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    product news: Premier brings back Cadbury Ice Cream Flavour Mini Rolls


    Premier Foods is bringing back its special edition Cadbury Ice Cream Flavour Mini Rolls range, targeting families on the lookout for a sweet treat during the summer season. The range sees the return of the Toffee Ripple and Neapolitan flavours, in addition to a new ice cream inspired variant, Chocolate ...

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    Capital Cooling introduces upright ice cream display


    Capital Cooling has launched the Pegasus Clear View, which it describes as “an all new approach to impulse ice cream display”. By opting for an upright freezer over the standard well or pod type unit they say they have improved visibility of the contents and reduced the freezer footprint by ...

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    product news: Maltesers Teasers ice cream adds four-pack


    Mars Ice Cream is launching its Maltesers Teasers ice cream in a four-pack to capitalise on the trend for in-home treats to share. Phil Shaw, general manager for Mars Ice Cream, said: “With ice cream being the third largest category for in-home treats and four-pack being the most popular pack ...

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    product news: Unilever invests in ice cream freezers


    Unilever is aiming to boost the value of the ice cream category in 2016 through a substantial investment in its salesforce and increased freezer distribution, as well as a range of new products. From March, Unilever will be increase its field salesforce in a bid to reach five times as ...