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Most of the BP Pulse/Lincolnshire Co-op chargepoint bays are extra wide

BP Pulse has introduced another 32 electric vehicle chargepoints at Lincolnshire Co-op sites, taking its total across the network to 60.

The roll-out of the 50kW devices to the first 28 sites started in July 2023, and almost all have been installed in extra-wide bays.

Most of the Lincolnshire Co-op stores serve rural communities across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, and Yorkshire. And with government statistics showing that only one in six public chargers are in non-urban areas, the chargepoints are introducing rapid charging to a wider customer base, says BP Pulse.

Andrew Turner, procurement and sustainability advisor at Lincolnshire Co-op, said: “Installing electric charging points at our trading outlets supports our communities in reducing tailpipe emissions by switching over to hybrid and electric vehicles. We’re determined to make life better in our communities, and central to that is looking after our local environment. Looking to the future, we’d like to further increase the availability of EV chargers to ensure coverage across Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties.”

Akira Kirton, vice president of BP Pulse UK, said: “Collaboration is going to be key to accelerating the EV transition. By partnering with Lincolnshire Co-op, we’re putting chargers in the places our customers need them. Customers can recharge their battery while they pick up something for dinner at the same time. Combining EV charging with a brilliant convenience offer is a no-brainer.”