EG Group defib-image

EG Group has installed defibrillators across a number of its sites to help protect colleagues and customers from cardiac arrest.

The investment has been made as part of its partnership with LifeAid Defibrillators.

EG has installed the lifesaving equipment at Monmouth and Rivington Services, at both the Northbound and Southbound service area with a further defibrillator installed at EG Group’s head office in Blackburn, next to the on-site medical room. There are also plans to conduct a thorough review of the UK estate with a view to rolling out defibrillators at other sites.

The equipment was installed by LifeAid Defibrillators which also carried out training for colleagues to ensure proper and effective use. Additionally, the defibrillators have been registered onto ‘The Circuit’, the new national database set up by The British Heart Foundation to allow emergency services or members of the public dialling 999 to be alerted to the equipment’s presence in an emergency.

Abput 30,000 people suffer cardiac arrest in public places each year and with no defibrillator, the survival rate is only 5%. With a defibrillator and the implementation of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the survival rate is as high as 75%.

Ilyas Munshi, group commercial director at EG Group, said: “Providing access to excellent welfare on our sites and at our head office is a priority for EG Group. This investment in defibrillators will allow trained staff members to safeguard our customers and colleagues.

“Coupled with CPR, this roll out means that we will be able to give people who suffer a cardiac arrest a chance of life. We intend to further build on our partnership with LifeAid Defibrillators to expand the roll out of defibrillators in the near-future as well as ensure that colleagues are trained in the use of the equipment.”

Kevin Dryburgh, business development manager at LifeAid Defibrillators, said: “We are delighted to have supplied and installed this vital equipment on behalf of EG Group who have also invested in additional defibrillators across a number of other sites.

“They are an organisation who are passionate about protecting the wellbeing of their employees and customers, and have gone the extra mile to ensure that in the unfortunate event of a cardiac arrest, colleagues on site are not only trained in CPR, but there is also a defibrillator to help save a life.”