Incidents of unpaid fuel increase 22% during the first week of June 2022

BOSS urges forecourt operators to be extra vigilant during peak periods

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Incidents of unpaid fuel have increased by 22% during the first week of June 2022 when compared to May, according to the British Oil Security Syndicate (BOSS),which campaigns to reduce fuel crime on UK forecourts.

BOSS is urging forecourt operators to encourage forecourt staff to look out for unusual behaviour and be extra vigilant during peak periods. Operators are being advised that they should also ensure they retain accurate information about vehicles involved in driving away from a forecourt without paying for fuel, or motorists claiming to have no means of payment for fuel.

Claire Nichol, executive director of BOSS, said: “We have received a 22% increase in reports of motorists not paying for fuel during the first full week of June. Reported incidents have been rising steadily by around 5% each month, but this month there has been a noticeable increase.

“Motorists claiming to have no means of payment (MNOP)account for 70% of incidents which re-emphasises a shift away from Drive-Off incidents.

“Average fuel prices have risen by 19% since January 2022 and there is no doubt that there is a link between rising fuel prices and increased incidents of forecourt fuel crime.”

Co-Owner/CEO of forecourt security specialist Forecourt Eye Ltd, Nick Fisher, confirmed that the average value of the fuel taken has increased from January to May for a drive-off from £46.22 to £51.05 and NMoP £62.88 to £72.10.

”As of today, our live data shows drive-offs are tracking at 63% of all incidents,” said Fisher. ”If we look back to the beginning of the year this was 50/50.”