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Forecourt operators and managers are being offered a free insight into how they can introduce innovative new services to their forecourts faster, and how they can integrate all their data to enhance their understanding of their customers.

This is one of the topics that will be discussed at the IFSF (International Forecourt Standards Forum) virtual conference, which will be taking place on November 10, 12 & 13.

One of the threads of the conference will cover APIs – devices which enable computers and users to interact – and how important they are to today’s, and tomorrow’s, forecourt technology.

IFSF chair Heather Price explained: “Many of you will be familiar with IFSF and the standards that we have been continually developing to allow interoperability of site equipment. We are a trade association working with large fuel retailers and the full range of technology providers in the sector to develop standard interfaces between applications and hardware. What you may not be so familiar with is the recent work that we have invested in to develop a new API environment with all of the elements needed to allow your organisation to enhance your consumers experience on your forecourts and in your shops.

“We recognise that once you have invested in expensive hardware on forecourt and backcourt, you cannot just rip it out and start again every time something new comes on the market. Adaptability is everything. This is why we believe that by working with us to develop a comprehensive suite of API groups to cover all areas from forecourt control, remote equipment monitoring to payment and loyalty, we can provide the tools to allow you to provide innovations that require all areas of the forecourt, backcourt and cloud to interact. This unlocks long-term, viable and profitable solutions in areas such as mobile payment and loyalty, without prohibitive lead times and project management costs.”

Most of the API work at IFSF is coordinated by Heather, who worked for Exxon Mobil for almost 30 years, together with John Carrier (ex-Shell) and Ian A Brown (ex-BP). Between them they have more than 100 years’ experience working to provide the best technology to major fuel retailers for the benefit of their consumers. They are working with Conexxus in the US on this major development, to ensure that they have a truly global product.

IFSF also works closely with other standards agencies to expand our reach, such as nexo to cover payment, Open Charge Alliance for EV charging and APDS to interface with parking data standards, W3C.

Heather continued: “The question I would like you to ask yourself is, can you afford not to spend an hour understanding what APIs can do for your business? The IFSF virtual conference is taking place on November 10, 12 & 13, welcoming global keynote speakers including Steven Van Belleghem and Greg McAuliffe, head of IT at Certas Energy Retail Europe.

“The interactive programme is free to attend and also plays host to technical sessions for those looking for greater technical detail. However, to find out more about APIs I would encourage you to attend an hour-long session on Tuesday 11th November at 14:00 GMT when Ian Brown will remind all of us why we can’t ignore those three letters that are beginning to dominate our landscape and could change our industry for the better.”

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