Oakham Forecourt

Oakham forecourt: One of two put forward for lease scheme by Highway Stops

EET Retail, a division of EET Fuels, has invested £50,000 in re-launching the two forecourts it acquired from Highway Stops Retail under the leasing package it announced in February.

The sites, in Spalding in Lincolnshire, and Oakham in the East Midlands, have been rebranded as Essar, with a new canopy under sheet and top deck.

EET Retail, which has announced ambitious plans to grow its forecourt estate to hundreds of sites through the leasing scheme, says that currently seven landlords have come on board, with eight sites.

As part of the deal, it pays landlords a monthly rent, enabling forecourt operators to keep the investment in their portfolio without having to worry about managing it day-to-day or the cost of developing the business.

It says that more forecourts will be re-badged Essar under the scheme throughout this year, and that it is “actively identifying opportunities for potential acquisitions” to accelerate growth.

EET Retail chief executive Narayan Bhatra said: “We’re embarking on an exciting journey of growth and innovation in the UK retail sector. With confidence, we’re committed to delivering best in class fuel outlets and building a network of partnerships that align with Essar’s customer-first belief.”

Spalding Forecourt

£50,000 was spent in total on re-branding the two Highway Stops’ sites to Essar, including the Spalding site pictured