Nisa Crossroads Service Station

Crossroads Service Station

A forecourt retailer has seen growth in sales since redeveloping three service station stores under the Nisa fascia.

Prem Uthayakumaran, Director at Pehybrid Ltd, now runs three Nisa fascia service stations; Broxbourne Service Station in Hertfordshire and recently developed sites Crossroads Service Station and Eastfield Service Station in Nottinghamshire.

Describing why he chose to redevelop the stores with the Nisa fascia, Prem said: “We have seen a difference with Nisa’s approach to independent retailers and especially with Nisa’s investment in reducing the cost of prices of essential lines, which are all appealing factors.”

Both sites now offer an extensive range of products including Rollover Hotdogs, Costa Coffee, and a large range of food to go offering, with 25% of both stores now dedicated to hot food to go. Prem notes that since redeveloping the stores, he has seen a “steady growth in sales across all three sites.”

When asked about the future growth of his business, Prem said that he was considering expanding further with Nisa. He said: “Post Covid, Nisa has really shown its dedication to the growth of independent retailers. I can confidently say that I won’t have any second thoughts about extending my agreement with Nisa. It has been a real pleasure to work with Nisa across the three stores.”

Commenting on his experience working with Nisa’s store development team, Prem said: “The development team was very supportive, and I had frequent contact during the whole process. We worked as a team to decide on a design for all the stores and helped to create a sharpened and modern look.

“I am very pleased with my store development managers; I have worked with the same managers consistently for the development of the three Nisa stores. It took a lot of dedication, and I really appreciated the constant communication. The store standards are all very high now and the shop fascia is top end.”

Victoria Lockie, head of retail at Nisa, said: “Nisa is working with some fantastic forecourt retailers at the moment and Prem certainly fits that description. The new forecourts in Nottinghamshire are brilliant and to hear this is converting into a steady growth in sales is fantastic. Congratulations to Prem, his team and the teams at Nisa for all the support the stores have received to make this possible.”