Ulemco hydrogen road sweeper

A road sweeping truck that can operate entirely on hydrogen has been developed by ULEMCo, working with partners JCB and Bucher Municipal.

The project for Aberdeen Council has involved converting a Bucher Municipal (previously Johnston Sweepers) road sweeper to operate on dual fuel, with the ability to use hydrogen fuel in both the primary engine and the auxiliary engine powering the ancillary equipment.

It includes a facility to incorporate 6.6kg of on-board hydrogen storage capacity, more than four times that of previous trucks, and enables a second engine using hydrogen fuel to power other devices such as the sweeper’s brushes.

It is calculated the conversion will enable displacement of up to 40% of diesel fuel.

“This project is a powerful example of how companies can work together to deliver solutions that are available now, to help mitigate climate change through the use of hydrogen”, said Amanda Lyne, managing director of ULEMCo.

“It provides an immediate solution for significant carbon emission reduction in this type of heavy-duty vehicle application that would be unaffordable or impractical with other low carbon technologies. We were really pleased to have the opportunity to work with both Bucher and JCB to deliver an improved product for ACC’s fleet team.”

Daniel Jackson, OEM engine sales and applications manager at JCB Power Systems, said: “The significance of hydrogen fuel as an important alternative to carbon-based fuels is increasingly clear. We are delighted to support this initiative which will make an immediate contribution to improving air quality in Glasgow.”

“Deploying dual fuel conversions in ‘back-to-base’ utility vehicle applications like this allows us to offer our customers around the globe an immediate and highly practical option to reducing their emissions,” said Graham Howlett, UK general manager at Bucher Municipal.