FT Texaco Supreme 99

Valero has extended the roll-out of Supreme 99 Performance⁺ to Texaco sites in the South and South East England, following its launch in the North West, Yorkshire and North Wales.

An additional 50 Texaco service stations in the South and South East now stock Supreme 99 Performance⁺, taking the total of Texaco locations offering the new 99 octane fuel to more than 150 across the UK.

Supreme 99 Performance⁺ is Texaco’s highest ever octane fuel (99 compared to 97 for Texaco’s previous Supreme Unleaded petrol) and has been designed to help motorists keep their engines performing at their best.

“The initial launch has proved to be a great success. Customers have been actively seeking out the new 99 octane fuel so it was an easy decision to continue the roll-out in the South and South East,” said Stuart McBride, Valero’s brand marketing manager.

The key features of the new fuel include helping to increase engine power, improve acceleration, reduce engine-knock and aid fuel economy. Supreme 99 Performance⁺ is an E5 petrol and can therefore also be used as an alternative to E10 petrol.

McBride added: “With Supreme 99 Performance⁺ Texaco branded retailers have an unleaded grade which enables them to compete directly with 99 Octane fuels from the likes of Shell and Esso. We’re confident that the new product will appeal to a wide range of motorists and with premium car sales weighted to the South and South East we strongly believe Supreme 99 Performance⁺ will be well received.”