Name: Debbie Dodds Job title: Owner Company: Spar Salley’s Filling Station, Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone

01 Career history: I have been in the family business all my life, expanding from forecourt retailing into hospitality with our family restaurant Salley’s in Aughnacloy.

02 Where did you grow up: Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone

03 What do you drive: A 12- year old 3 Series BMW, it sounds old but there’s only 34,000 miles on it.

04 What would you like to drive: A Mercedes C Class coupe.

05 Perfect day: A day on a sunny beach with my husband and a glass of wine.

06 Favourite film: It would definitely have to be Bridget Jones’s Diary.

07 Best holiday: A safari in Kenya.

08 Most likely to say: "Okay what’s next?"

09 Least likely to say: "I’ve got nothing to do today!"

10 Greatest fear: Rodents.

11 Tips for business success: Stay humble, work hard and be prepared to make sacrifices.

12 Best thing about your job: Working with a great team of people who have the same vision as me.

13 Possessions you couldn’t live without: My to-do lists and I hate to admit it, but my mobile phone.

14 Pet hates: Negativity and laziness.

15 Most admire: My family, who give me lots of advice and supports me 100%. I couldn’t run the business without the support of my mum and dad Desmond and Laura Salley and my brother Garnett. We have the forecourt, the Spar store, the restaurant and a bar.

16 Most recent business achievements: Putting an off licence into the shop. This was quite difficult as only so many are allowed in Northern Ireland and you really have to prove that the area needs one. It’s a long process and took more than a year to get the licence, but it was well worth it as it has made a massive difference to sales.

17 Favourite TV show: Real Housewives.

18 Dream job: I just love retail so I love doing what I am doing. I love the buzz and the people. We’re a real community store where everyone knows everyone else and it’s great being able to provide them with all these services.

19 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: There are changes that are coming with electric vehicles, I am keeping an eye on what’s going on.

20 Three words to describe yourself: Determined, ambitious and driven.