Enterprise Service Station, Bypass Road, Crumlin, Newport. Ascona proposed

Planning permission to redevelop Enterprise Service Station on the A467 in Newport, has been applied for by Top 50 Indie Ascona Group.

The plan is to demolish and replace the existing petrol filling station and car sales facilities with a new petrol filling station, shop, hot food sales, car wash jet wash and associated facilities. Two electric car charging points have been proposed within the parking area to promote and facilitate the use of sustainable vehicles.

The dated site, which was re-branded from Shell to Texaco last November, has been developed in a ‘piecemeal’ fashion over the years, according to the planning application, and has been neglected as it approaches the end of its useful life. It currently features a five-pump forecourt with canopy and retail store, surrounded by ’cliff faces covered in vegetation’ and next door to a secondhand car dealership.

The site sits in a relatively isolated position, adjacent to the A467 - on the periphery of Crumlin - and is described as an important road linking a number of settlements. The location of the site means it serves both local and transient customers.

The main use of the site will remain largely unchanged but a new site layout is proposed, including a new retail building, with a small hot food offer. The car sales use will be discontinued.

The new site will have a ’suitable’ amount of parking, and will be built building back from the highway to ensure safe visibility is maintained. The site has been designed to be primarily one way to improve both the customer experience and safety. HGVs are also separated from the main routes and pedestrians.

The scheme allows for adequate space for all services and vehicle manoeuvring and parking. Consideration will be given to the use of recyclable materials, including concrete blocks, aggregates and hardcore, subject to availability and suitability for the selected type ofconstruction.

Enterprise Service Station, Bypass Road, Crumlin, Newport. Ascona present