Certas Energy Port of Southampton HGV Refuelling Site

Certas Energy’s HGV refuelling site at the Port of Southampton has received a Highly Commended accolade in the Best New Non-Retail Fuel Installation category at this year’s Association for Petroleum & Explosives Administration (APEA) Awards.

The site, which opened in October 2020, is the first of its kind located inside the Port of Southampton. It offers 24/7 facilities at one of the UK’s key logistics hubs to ensure that drivers no longer need to go off-route to refuel. It has been recognised for both its logistical and design-focused features, with an offset tank layout, wider lanes and a combined capacity of 250,000 litres, enabling up to eight vehicles to safely refuel at a time.

In addition, while standard motorway forecourts dispense around 40-60 litres per minute, the high-speed pumps on-site dispense up to 120 litres per minute. Combined with cashless payment terminals at every pump, this reduces waiting time for drivers.

The site also uses above-ground tanks to minimise its long-term environmental footprint, as well as facilitating the use of Shell GTL Fuel, a cleaner-burning drop-in diesel alternative that reduces harmful emissions like particulate matter and nitrogen oxide, without the need for engine or equipment modifications. AdBlue, diesel and gas oil are also available at the facility, as well as the option to use Certas Energy Fuel Cards for easier payment.

“We are delighted that our commitment to fuelling the future of our customers’ businesses has once again been recognised by a highly respected institution like the APEA,” said Andrew Goodwin, national bunker manager at Certas Energy.

“Our HGV refuelling sites played a vital role in keeping the nation moving both during the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent fuel crisis. We are proud to have been able to build this site to enable us to meet increased demand and be there when our customers needed us. As the container logistics sector moves forward in its post-Covid recovery, our new site at the Port of Southampton has helped, and will continue to help, us to fuel their journey throughout 2021 and beyond.”

According to the APEA: “The judges were impressed with how Certas Energy had really understood the needs of the HGV drivers and operators around the port of Southampton and how they had designed and delivered the project with 100% customer focus to produce the maximum impact. They were also impressed with the green credentials of the site, such as offering of new fuels and the availability of carbon offsetting.”