CWA explains to water authorites what measures its members are adopting in order to minimise water consumption in car washes.

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The Car Wash Association (CWA) has written to the heads of major water suppliers in the UK, the Environment Agency and the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, as it attempts to head off possible restrictions that would impact the business of car wash operators.

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Alexander Russell - CWA’s director of strategy

After record-breaking temperatures and another heat wave impacting this week’s weather, the UK seems to be heading for a drought, with strict limits likely to be imposed on water use.

The CWA has explained to the water authorities that over the years, car wash operators have dedicated much of their efforts in developing methods that decrease reliance on the water companies - using boreholes, installing recycling equipment and implementing water saving through advanced techniques in order to reduce their overall consumption by limiting usage.

Members in areas where further stricter restrictions have been applied as a result of any existing hosepipe bans are encouraged to adhere to CWA guidance, which includes a traffic-light scheme.

Those unable to reduce their water consumption by at least 20% may have to consider whether it is appropriate to continue operations.

Alexander Russell, the CWA’s director of strategy, said: “Members of the Car Wash Association have been very aware of the need to adapt their businesses to the changing climate and have acted rapidly to do so through a variety of measures and techniques.

“It would be unfair for our members to be deprived of their livelihoods by any stricter restrictions on water usage that might follow an existing hosepipe ban, considering their substantial investments in creative and innovative methods to reduce water consumption in recent years.”