Hockenhull store with Gander app on phone reduced

Top 50 Indie Hockenhull Garages has teamed up with the food waste app Gander at the Spar store in its Corby site.

Gander has been developed to help food stores clear significantly more of their reduced to clear, often yellow labelled food items.

The mobile app displays reduced to clear food automatically and in real-time, aligning with the store’s POS system, pushing the reduced food products to the mobile app, as they are stickered in-store.

Similarly, when that item is sold it is automatically removed from the app, providing an instant feed of all reductions in-store at any time making it simple and effective for the shopper.

Hockenhull managing director Joe Hockenhull commented: “We love the concept and are a big believer in it. At this point it’s early stages as we’ve only had the app live for four weeks but the early signs are it’s proving very effective and once Gander is more common knowledge and the idea is received it should spread like wild fire.

“Once we’ve got to the stage of seeing how effective it’s proven to be at selling through our close to and sell by dates we will roll it out to the rest of our estate. Unnecessary food waste is a massive ’no no’ for our company and Gander allows us to get on top of it.”

Ashley Osborne, co-founder of Gander, said: “We are pleased to welcome Hockenhull Garages and Spar Corby onboard and see them embrace the benefits of the Gander app, with its ability to link directly to its in-store POS systems.

“More and more retailers are understanding the wider importance of cutting waste. It’s what their customers expect and makes good business sense.

“Our team want to support retailers recognise their shared responsibility to work with both shoppers and supply chain partners to commit to a long-term and sustained reduction in food waste levels.”

Gander recently celebrated the 100,000th download milestone as it rolls out across the UK and Ireland. Since its launch Gander has saved 1.7 million food items from going to waste, equivalent to 1,800 tonnes of CO2.