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    Lorry park upgrades AdBlue offer


    Junction 23 Lorry Park has upgraded its AdBlue facilities ten years after they were first installed. Back in October 2007, Yara’s brand of AdBlue, Air1, joined forces with Junction 23 Lorry Park and established the first “on the road” AdBlue facility in the region. The initial uptake was positive and ...

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    Retailers get first taste of Evolution EPOS at NCS


    TLM Technologies previewed its new ‘Evolution’ suite of products at the recent National Convenience Show (NCS) at the NEC Birmingham. The main focus was Evolution POS, which has been specifically built for the convenience and fuel sector, and is designed to deliver the commonplace functionality of traditional EPOS systems, ...

  • Applegreen moves IT system onto cloud with Auxilion

    Applegreen moves IT system onto cloud with Auxilion


    Applegreen is implementing a major IT transformation programme with cloud computing specialist Auxilion. The cloud-based investment of £435,000 has facilitated the move from legacy IT systems across more than 200 global sites and will support the company’s expansion internationally. Applegreen, which reported revenues of €1.17bn in 2016, has grown ...

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    Hydrogen ups the pressure


    While the world hasn’t yet arrived at the vision created by the ’Back to the Future’ film trilogy, which suggested today’s vehicles might be powered by processed waste, we are beginning to see the advent of what has always been regarded as a fuel of the future hydrogen. Hydrogen ...

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    Go ahead for hydrogen site


    A hydrogen refuelling station is to be built on the London forecourt of an un-named "major global fuel retailer", with proposals for a further roll-out. ITM Power, an energy storage and clean fuel company, revealed the plans as it announced that it had been awarded a total of £2.89m ...

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    Cutting red tape


    Successive governments have claimed they want to cut the red tape tying businesses in knots, and then piled on plenty more, but changes introduced on October 1 really have simplified the regulatory framework for petrol filling stations. The new Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 which came into force on October 1, ...

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    Diesel in doubt


    With electric vehicle charge points springing up in city centres and motorway service stations, and falling road fuel sales, you could be excused for fearing the days of petrol and diesel as the main fuel for cars were nearly over, but most experts agree both will have a strong presence ...

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    E10 in limbo


    How the media loves a scare story. ’Nearly nine million cars could be incompatible with new fuel’ screamed one headline earlier this year, while ’E10 could add £80 to a family’s annual driving costs’ screamed another. If only Michael Winner was still with us to say ’Calm down dear’. ...

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    Spotlight on Fuels: Bio diversity


    The introduction of a new fuel with a higher ethanol content E10 has been delayed. Specification for the new fuel had been tipped to be signed off for introduction into the UK by the end of this year, but last month the government signalled that its position on E10 had ...